Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Marlboro again

We've come back to Persons Auditorium for rehearsals again, this time a Dvorak Piano Quartet, Op. 23 and Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder. We just heard the Dvorak - a really amazingly tight quartet of young musicians who seemed to inhabit each other's minds. Now we are sitting outside in the sun (inside is chilly), and in a half hour we'll hear the Wagner. 

     Persons auditorium

      A string trio sculpture in the lobby

Rudolph Serkin, founder of the Marlboro Music Festival back in the 1950s. 

Benita Valente (at left) is coaching the Wagner

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marlboro rehearsal

We're at the Marlboro Music Festival open rehearsal in Persons Auditorium. We earlier heard a 2-hour rehearsal of Wagner's Siegfried Idyll  a favorite for me and Ellen too, and incredibly delicate and very demanding. Now it is a string quartet a Mendelssohn Quartet Op. 80. Really gorgeous, lush music, played beautifully. It is very interesting to hear how the pieces fit together in a rehearsal.

Musicians playing the Wagner - taken with "Photo Booth"

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A special weekend

Yesterday was the year anniversary of Betsey's death. And to our joy, Katie took the trouble to rent a car and drive up to be with us just for the day. She rented through the JFK airport, and left there at about 7:30a.m., arrived at our house about 12:30p.m., we had the afternoon together with John and Cynthia too, had a wonderful meal prepared by Ellen and then we spent some time at the cemetery with Betsey, came back, had ice cream and fresh blueberry sauce (Ellen picked them over in New York at Oxbow Lake), and Katie left about 7:00pm, and was back in her room at the dorm in NYC before midnight. (There is like door-to-door train service between JFK and her dorm). It was the perfect way to remember Betsey. Then today, I led the service in Windham - somehow I was able to get well-prepared!  That went very well. John and Cynthia came to the service and we had a lovely lunch together afterward at the Dam Diner in Townsend (which is between Windham and home - good food and extremely good price. So just a great weekend! We've been relaxing tonight!

Sitting down to a great lunch by Ellen. Cynthia prepared the flowers

Me and Katie

On the stone wall by Betsey's grave at the cemetery

Friday, July 21, 2017

We're home

We arrived home about 10:30 tonight. We spent the last couple of days with Katie, Savanna and Brendon in the Adirondacks. Then today, we drove home, but stopped to visit Jane Hepner at Lake Cossayuna. Jane was a childhood friend of Shirley's on Staten Island. They were best buddies in high school in the fifties. I had lost track of her and wondered if she was still alive. She is very much alive, and was glad to see us.

                 Me and Jane Hepner

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We're in Erie, PA tonight

We only drove a bit over 425 miles today, and it seemed like nothing. Well, maybe not nothing,  but pretty easy compared to recent days. We arrive at our motel at about 9:00, and it was still light, and it seemed so early. Once again, I read much of the trip, and we also listened to the final American Mind lectures. We took Route 6 across Indiana, and part of Ohio, and then US 20 to Cleveland, and then I-90 to Erie. A familiar route every bit of the way.

Dan sent a couple of photos from yesterday evening when we went to O'Hare's Pub in Bartlett.

L. to r.: Dan, Becky, Ellen, Larry, Jerry and Maggie,  outside O'Hare's

Examining a sculpture near O Hare's

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another fairly quiet day

What did I do today? I got up late, did email, ate breakfast, walked with Ellen to the Bartlett Public Library (about 1 1/2 miles), worked on the Spelling Bee puzzle, walked back, ate lunch, read an old Zane Grey novel Jerry had found, rested, called John, went (walked) to supper at O'Hare's Irish Pub with M&J, Becky and Dan, walked bsck, had a bit of ice cream, talked, now to bed. A fairly quiet day. On our library walk, we went by a horse farm. Right in Bartlett! 


Sunday, July 16, 2017

In Bartlett

We've made it safely to Bartlett. Today was a very pleasant drive across Iowa on Route 34 mostly - in the southern part of Iowa from near Council Bluffs in the west to the Quad Cities on the Mississippi, then up I-88 to Bartlett. A very nice drive through the lush, rolling Iowa countryside on a largely empty road much of the time, going through little Iowa towns and past very fertile fields of corn, soybeans, etc. Iowa really is an attractive state. Being in it always brings back a flood of memories for me - of places, people and events, since I lived there during my high school years, 1946-1950.

We actually crossed the Mississippi at Muscatine, IA, and the bridge was being painted and was shrouded in canvass:

            The bridge at Muscatine 

                 Inside the bridge 

               The mighty Mississippi